Benefits of Participation

CCHIE provides a secure, standardized electronic network where healthcare providers can share important patient information, giving them the tools they need to make more informed treatment decisions. CCHIE links medical information from separate healthcare sites to create a single electronic community patient health record.

Providers benefit from participating in CCHIE by:

  • Having discreet clinical records available at the point of care
  • Enhanced communication between hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic facilities and other providers
  • Improved continuity of care
  • Improved practice workflow efficiency and lower administrative costs
  • Timely notification of patient admission/patient discharge
  • Availability of discreet results deliver to native EMR
  • View inpatient encounters across 26 hospitals
  • Access to secure, encrypted email
  • Confirm lab/diagnostic tests are completed
  • Ability to follow “high risk for readmission” patients
  • Create and follow a post discharge protocol
  • View continuum of care documents from community practices
  • View demographic, insurance, and other documentation for billing


CCHIE White Paper

Our white paper, entitled “Final Review: Coastal Connect Health Information Exchange Key Findings on Value for Providers to Participate,” is available. Click here for access