Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to participate in the HIE?

No, even if your healthcare provider participates in the HIE, you, the patient, do not have to participate. You have a choice to “opt out” by clicking here and submitting the opt out request form. If you choose to opt out, CCHIE is committed to honor your request and ensure your information is not searchable.

Although your health care information is not searchable, your healthcare provider may still use CCHIE to issue electronic orders for healthcare services (lab, prescriptions, etc.), as well as use CCHIE to receive results and other care documents sent electronically. This service is no different than your provider using fax, mail, telephone, and hand delivery of your medical information.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) must comply with HIPAA and all other applicable state and federal laws.

How will I know if my healthcare provider participates in the HIE?

If your provider participates in the HIE, they will have it documented and/or posted. This is similar to their HIPAA notice and may, in fact, be a part of the HIPAA notification or privacy disclosure. Only providers who have entered into a legal contract with HIE, agreeing to abide by its strict privacy and security policies and compliant to relevant federal and state laws, are allowed to access their patient’s information through the HIE.

What is a health information exchange network?

A Health Information Exchange (HIE) network allows health care information to be shared between healthcare providers within a community or larger region. The HIE allows your treatment team of healthcare providers, regardless of their location or type, to share medical information while maintaining your medical privacy and security. Any provider that has a relationship with you would have access to accurate and timely information. This allows for the continuity of your healthcare and would support appropriateness and efficiency as well as more clinical time to spend with you and a higher level of treatment satisfaction.

What is Coastal Connect?

Coastal Connect Health Information Exchange (CCHIE) is a nonprofit electronic information network which allows healthcare providers to securely share information to coordinate and enhance medical care.

What type of information is being exchanged by the HIE?

Currently, your health information is shared between providers by telephone, fax, mail, and other limited means. This could include lab reports, referrals, specialists, hospital reports, radiology tests, etc. Through the HIE, only health information for your treatment, payment, and healthcare operations is exchanged between your treatment team of healthcare providers who have an established relationship to you, the patient, and need to know this information to provide you care. The HIE uses the minimum amount of personal information to ensure the right information about the right patient is shared with the right provider.

It is important to note that any psychiatric or other mental and/or behavioral health information is NOT searchable through CCHIE