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Being a part of CCHIE means physicians and other qualified healthcare professionals will have complete medical information compiled from various sources quickly… a single, personal, centralized health record. This means less time waiting, searching, duplicating, calling, faxing or mailing.

So, whether changing doctors, wanting a second opinion, being referred to a specialist or in case of emergency, CCHIE allows clinical information to move quickly between healthcare providers while maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of the information. This reduces delays and errors and improves treatment recommendations and patient satisfaction.

It is important to remember that healthcare providers have been exchanging patient information for a long time; it just has not been done in this electronic manner. Medical professionals have been transporting patients’ records by phone, fax, mail and hand-delivery. CCHIE is simply an electronic (computer-based) way for providers to link together and share information efficiently and securely.

It is important to note that any psychiatric or other mental and/or behavioral health information is NOT searchable through CCHIE