Version 7 Upgrade

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Coastal Connect is excited to roll out a new and updated version (v7) of the Community Health Record (ProAccess). CCHIE is conducting a series of training webinars to help prepare users for the upgrade. The webinar will provide an overview of the changes and walk you through how to access patient information. A user guide and overview of changes will also be available. The webinar should take no more than 30 minutes. (There is a limit on number of attendees for each webinar. If you are unable to connect, please join the next webinar.)     Click here for detailed training schedule

Go-Live: 3 Things to Know

Overview Documents

Upgrade Overview

Key Changes

The following user guides are available for quick reference:

Creating New Login Page Bookmarks

Documents Tab Overview

Encounters Tab Overview

Patient Profile Overview

Patient Summary Tab Overview

Results Tab Overview

The video below shows a demonstration of the upgraded version of the community health record: